Sole Treatment ~ 30 minutes $50

All feet deserve extra attention every now and then. Change into a robe and relax while neck and shoulders are soothed with a heated wrap, tired feet are treated to hot towels, feet and lower legs receive a thorough massage.

30/45 Minute Massage

30 minutes $50
45 minutes $75

Surprisingly rejuvenating. Choose an area of focus such as head, neck and shoulders—and feel better right away!

*Extra Foot Massage Included

60, 75 & 90 Minute Massages begin with a
complimentary robe change and heated neck wrap,
plus hot towels and massage for feet, to help you
ease into the relaxation process.
Please allow an additional 10 minutes if desired.

60/75 Minute Massage*

60 minutes $105
75 minutes $120

Great for full-body, or in-depth work in a few areas, according to your needs. Heated packs
may be applied to the back for extra comfort and muscle relaxation.

90 Minute Massage* ~ $135

90 minutes is perfect for a deeply relaxing and integrative full-body treatment with
extra attention to specific areas, all at a soothing pace. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to experience the difference between this and shorter sessions. Heated packs may be applied to the back for extra comfort and muscle relaxation.


Ultimate Retreat ~ $170

Combination Sole Treatment & 90 Minute Massage.
Two full hours of relaxation. A wonderful gift
for yourself or another.

Hot Stones ~ add $15

The use of heated basalt stones may be added to
a massage. They are great for warming up
on a cold day and aiding muscle and overall
relaxation. Hot stone work is combined with
traditional massage strokes.

LaStone ~ add $15

Modality using heated basalt & chilled marble stones
with many benefits. Please see the LaStone page
for more detailed information.

Prenatal Massage ~ same rates

A nice way to relieve the stresses of pregnancy, care
for yourself, and take time to connect with your baby.