Certified in LaStone Therapy-Hot & Cold Stone Massage

(Add $15 to any massage for LaStone session)

I am excited to offer this modality using heated basalt & chilled marble stones, with many benefits. This is based along the lines of what the European medical spas have been doing with their hot and cold plunges for hundreds of years, for various conditions. Stones have also long been used in Chinese and Native American healing traditions.

How LaStone works:

–Heated stones help decrease muscle tension and tissue stiffness.

–Optional chilled stones in selected areas help decrease muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation.

–Heat dilates blood vessels and cold constricts, so alternating the two creates a vascular pump—bringing new blood in and flushing older blood out.

–Simply placing some cool stones over the sheet during a hot stone massage helps balance out the heat produced.

–Massage with hot or cool stones can be used for more specific, deep tissue work in certain areas.

–Even if some cool stones are used, the experience is still one of overall warmth. Many people find it deeply relaxing and comforting.

–The temperature and usage of the stones will be customized to suit your preferences and any conditions or injuries.

– I like to mix stone work in with traditional massage.

What clients are saying:

“It’s a unique experience everybody should try. I feel extremely mentally and physically relaxed. I’ve joked before that hot stones are like crack, but this is like a whole other level.” –J.M.

“I liked that better than just hot stones!” –K.S.

“I’m not a fan of being cold or cold things, but the LaStone hot/cold massage I had with Laurie was great! I have enjoyed hot stone massage before, but with the alternating hot and cold stones, I could actually feel the different effects that each had on my muscles and connective tissue. I came away from the session with very relaxed upper arms, neck and shoulders, which is crucial as a massage practitioner when I use my arms all the time.” –M.N., LMP, CST

All that said, it may not be for everyone. If you’re interested, please try LaStone with minimal risk. I will communicate with you during your session and if it’s not your thing, no worries! Just let me know and we can modify or stop the stones at any point; AND in that case, your next massage will be half-price!