Happy New Year Everyone!

I wanted to share something one of my clients said recently:

“These regular (monthly) massages are really making a difference. My overall outlook is better, and also, when you’re more in touch with your body, you want to take better care of it. It IS preventative health care.” (shared with her permission)

So I started thinking about this more. There are lots of reasons regular sessions are helpful. Tension doesn’t accumulate as much, the nervous system gets to calm, deactivate and reset, joints get movement, and it feels good! (Feeling good is important. 🙂 )

Also, in my experience, knowing you have self-care scheduled is a big factor in reducing stress. It gives you something concrete to look forward to, and you know you will feel better after that date on your calendar.

How often should you come in? I have some clients who come every week, some come every other week, and many come every 3-4 weeks. If you don’t have a regular schedule yet, I suggest trying once a month and seeing how that goes.

How Helpful is Regular Massage?
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