I’m trying out a really cool new way of working with and hydrating the connective tissue which surrounds our muscles. It uses small balls and a soft foam roller, mainly to help people with chronic pain or injury prevention. If the fascia (connective tissue) is dehydrated and stuck together, the muscles can’t move as freely. Stimulating the cells and lymph system with movement and mostly lighter pressure helps them be more able to take in water and nutrients, and remove waste products. I work with the fascia in my massage practice and it is very effective. But the MELT Method is something we can all do for ourselves.

I took an intro class for hands and feet with a local teacher, Karin Collins. She has a warm and fun teaching style, and is really knowledgeable about how it works. I found even a small amount of practice was helpful for an old ankle sprain, to reduce tension in my forearms, and general relaxation. There are also some classes at local gyms.

The main MELT site has a ton of info here. The creator was recently on the Rachael Ray Show demonstrating how to also use the ball on the face for a little facelift. See the clip here.

And in addition to her hands/feet, and body/roller classes, Karin is teaching a mini-class on the 50-second facelift too! See her current classes here.

I just want to share it and let you know so you can check it out and also so I’ll be accountable for practicing! I’m going to do it at least 3-4 times/week for about a month and then I’ll let you know what I find.

I’ll keep you posted!

May is MELT Method Month (for me, anyway…)
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