Add cold stones at no extra charge to any session during August (reg. $15 add’l). They are integrated into a Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, along with hot compresses and other techniques.

An email from a client who just came in with neck/shoulder pain, headache, and lower leg pain due to an old injury, and received a hot and cold stone massage:

“Laurie you are amazing! My neck feels so much better and my headache is completely gone. Shoulder is still tender, but better than it was. And my leg feels brand new, LoL! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!” — Kim B., Medical Asst., Ballard/Seattle

I have been seeing such good results (for headaches, tennis elbow, and general muscle tightness) and clients are enjoying massage with the cold stones, so I want to give more people a chance to try them. They are helpful for pain and inflammation, and most clients love how they feel—especially this time of year! Alternating cold with heat provides additional therapeutic benefits. People really like the contrast, and it is very effective. During this free sampler, I can alternate hot compresses with the cold stones if desired/indicated. ($15 add’l for a full hot & cold stone session) I’ve converted many skeptics! 🙂 If you are hesitant, please know I will communicate with you and if the stones are too cold or you don’t like them, I can warm them up a little or we can stop using them at anytime.

Click here for more info about this type of stone massage.

Please call 206-799-5999 or email to schedule.


Add Cold Stones to Any Massage for Free in August!
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