Stacy Lawson, Founder of Red Square Yoga on 10th W. (Queen Anne, Seattle), has some good questions to consider for having the type of holiday we really want. She’s a good writer and yoga teacher. Red Square seems to be a really nice community gathering place as well. I stopped by their 4th Annual Art & Craft Fair Saturday and acquired some beautiful jewelry made by another instructor there, Melissa Middlebrook.

So, I got reflecting on what I want for the holidays this year. It is a busy time for my massage practice, but I blocked out a few days around Christmas to be off. My husband and I decorated our home on Thanksgiving weekend and I am loving enjoying the lights all the time. Obviously it is common for people to decorate this time of year, but we haven’t always done too much of it, or we have waited until much later and not had as much time to enjoy it. Changing our environment and having something pretty to look at is a simple way to brighten the winter and lift the spirit. We have a little, lit tree outside our front door to see as we come and go, more lights inside, and still more lights and flashing stars on our deck. My favorite, tiny ornaments are on our little tree inside. Hubby hung the nutcracker painting he made for me 20 years ago. Stockings are ready for Santa. And I added ornaments to the branches in my office. I take moments throughout the day to just look at the colors and the lights, and be in the present. I remember telling a teacher of mine once that I hadn’t really decorated my home the way I wanted and she asked, “Why would you ever deny yourself beauty?”

We have also been using our walks with the dogs as opportunities to notice the beautifully-decorated houses in our neighborhood. It’s funny–it seems like there are more lights this year, but then we wonder if it’s just because we’re noticing…

We have some fun family activities planned, and my husband and I also are carving out some quieter time for ourselves. We’ll have a special Christmas Eve dinner out, and probably visit the lounge at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel–a grand holiday scene… We’ll wrap presents for the dogs and laugh while they tear them apart…Go to Starbucks on Christmas morning…what is it about that?

Taking some time to think about how to give back to others is also important for me to keep things in perspective. I’m very grateful for all I have and remembering that helps keep me from getting too obsessed about finding the perfect gift for someone or having the house spotless. I’ve donated some massage gift certificates to those who can’t afford it, and will contribute to a toy and/or food drive.

All in all, breathing, being together, and sharing the small things. It’s partly about what I’m doing, but it’s also really about how much I’m able to slow down and enjoy the moments. That’s what I want.

Wishing You All Happy Holidays.

Holiday Reflections
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