This is the second question I’ve had the chance to ask Kate Ramstedt, LMHC (the first one is here). Her lovely office is in the same building as my massage practice (Queen Anne SPACE Building). She has a warm personality and some unique counseling philosophies and techniques to help, especially with anxiety. Her very informative web site is here.

Laurie Swanson, LMP: What got you interested in using mindfulness in psychotherapy?

Kate Ramstedt, LMHC: I’ve come to believe that mindfulness offers the best long-term relief from depression and anxiety. Most of our troubles relate to regrets about the past or worries about the future. When we learn to live in the present, we can change our entire relationship with our experience rather than simply “fixing” our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Mindfulness encourages us to build awareness and acceptance around our challenges as well as challenge the initial judgments that we so often make. Another important part of the practice is building compassion for ourselves and for others which is a wonderful step towards feeling more connected to others.

Q & A #2 with Kate Ramstedt, LMHC, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy
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