If you are used to receiving massage in a day spa, you may want to consider visiting me at my beautiful office on Queen Anne Ave. I have taken great care to create a peaceful environment, with my decor and with my demeanor. I offer professional massage therapy with extra pampering touches. I do effective work, but within the context of relaxing the nervous system. Many of my clients are surprised at how I am able to do deep tissue massage in a very relaxing way.

I allow time for my clients to make a leisurely transition from the outside world, with a robe, and foot massage with hot towels before longer sessions (if your schedule is tight, you can always skip this option).  I listen carefully to your unique needs and preferences. I use heat packs often, to aid in relaxation and decrease muscle tension. I love working with hot stones and have some clients whose muscles instantly relax with the stones.

So if you are looking for a day spa in Seattle, please consider visiting me for a personalized session of deep relaxation and healing at my lovely space on top of Queen Anne Hill. I would love to meet you.

Aaaahhhh…Looking for a Spa?
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