There are numerous reasons to receive massage and do other relaxing activities on a consistent or regular basis. A great article by Karrie Osborn at is here.

A couple excerpted main points:

Karrie writes, “Stress might never reach those physiologically detrimental levels where the immune system is suppressed or the nervous system is sent into an alarm state if you are able to receive stress-relieving bodywork with some consistency.”

And sports massage expert Benny Vaughn says, “…the person becomes more aware of their body’s movement in space and becomes more aware of tightness or pain long before it reaches a critical point of mechanical dysfunction.”

I can attest to this. It is hard to always stay on top of stress and prevent it from getting out of hand, but I definitely notice a difference when I make it a priority. I’m soooo looking forward to my massage tomorrow!

Receiving Regular Massage Really Makes a Difference
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