A literature review from a few years ago shows some pretty amazing results for massage therapy.  Massage repeatedly decreased cortisol, increased dopamine and serotonin, increased killer cells, and decreased depression and anxiety.  It also decreased pain in burn patients, decreased asthma symptoms, lowered blood pressure, reduced headaches, and more.  These effects were significant, and noted immediately following massage sessions, as well as over a treatment period.  The published review from the International Journal of Neuroscience is here: http://flagstaffazpilates.com/images/Cortisol.pdf

A lot of the studies were done using short massages, too, such as 15-20 minutes.  I offer 15 & 30 min. massages, in addition to 60 & 90 min. sessions.  While longer sessions are wonderful, every little bit helps.

I love that I am able to help people feel better and be healthier–what a great job.

Studies Show Massage Helps Anxiety, Depression & Immune Function
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