Our bodies need water to perform essential tasks.  And in our fast-paced culture with zillions of unhealthy beverages and dehydrating foods, we need even more water.  Remember the “Got milk?” commercials where they are always eating cake or something else that won’t go down easily without liquid?  It’s true, isn’t it?!  How many DRY foods do we eat?  Pastries, breads, crackers, etc.  Throw in salt, which requires extra water to process, and caffeinated beverages, which act as diuretics, and most of us could stand to be better hydrated.  I think we also often lose touch with our thirst and mistake it for hunger.

What to do?  Eat more fruits and vegetables; they are naturally water-rich.  Getting water which is perfectly packaged in healthy foods is ideal.  This really does make a big difference.  Start the day with a couple glasses of water, too.  I feel much more clear-headed and energetic when I do this.  Drink more water during the day.  I try to keep full glasses of water in every room (by my computer, next to my bed, etc.) to make it easy.

Of course I offer my clients water before and after massage sessions.

Enjoy the last bit of warmth here in Seattle over the next month or two and let me know if you try any of these suggestions!

Stay Hydrated!
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