What happened to spring?!  With these cold temps and chilling winds lately, it’s a great time for a hot stone massage.  One client said he could really feel his muscles relax because of the heat and pressure from the stones.  I can feel it as a therapist, too—it’s pretty amazing to feel the tension just melt.  He also said he loves it because it adds different sensory input, which helps him be more aware of his body during the massage instead of totally “zoning out.”  (Zoning out is fine, too, though.  🙂  )

I like to combine strokes using the hot stones with traditional massage strokes for the best of both worlds.

Have you tried hot stone massage?  What did you think?  I had one once where the therapist ran the stone up my shin bone—not too pleasant.  I try to adhere to a good rule my teacher gave us, “No stones on bones!”  🙂

Freezing in Seattle? Try a Hot Stone Massage!
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